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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the most popular social media network with over 313 million active monthly users. The good thing about twitter is that it is also used for tweeting and retweeting normally by celebs and other good personalities. This gives you an excellent opportunity to promote your business or organization on social media and gather audience from across the globe. Social media networks make your organization more discoverable and easier to connect to millions of people over the world.

  • You can begin with adding the link to your website or organization profile in your bio section on twitter.
  • Search for the influential people and the experts in your area of work.
  • Also connect with your colleagues, friends and family and ask them to help your promote your brand.
  • Start tweeting and retweeting about your brand and it’s good and appreciated products regularly.

Search for any mentions of your brand and see through what is being said about it. This will help you see what improvements you can make to get more appreciation.
Another good way is to use popular hashtags that are trending in your area or generally. Connect them to your work in someway and use them frequently to get discoverable.Your insights will help you see the progress you are making. This way, twitter provides a good audience to present your brand to.

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